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We know it’s highly likely that you’ll have butterflies in your stomach prior to doing your jump and fully understand it – but we can honestly tell you there is nothing to be concerned of! We’ve tried to answer some of the common questions we get asked below. If you want a specific question answered before booking, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to do so.

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Questions on Skydiving

Who regulates parachuting in the UK?

The British Skydiving (BS) is the governing body for skydiving operations. We are a BPA Affiliated Centre and fully conform to their operations manual, which you can read online. Their website is also a great resource for information on the latest in parachuting safety developments in the United Kingdom.

How safe is parachuting?

It’s the most common question we’re asked and one of the most complex to answer. Like any sport, there is always an element of risk. British Skydiving features a great section on answering this question on their website. In short – tandem jumps are the safest, and our highly-experienced instructors always have safety as their top priority.

How fast do you travel?

In freefall – the period between jumping from the aircraft and opening the parachute – you’ll travel through the air at approximately 120 miles per hour for 30 seconds. Your instructor will then open the parachute and control the speed of the descent back to the ground.

Are there any specific medical requirements?

Due to the nature of parachuting it is important that those participating are of reasonably good health. Our website has a dedicated section on the medical requirements. In short, all participants will be required to declare themselves as fit to jump and anyone aged 70 years or older or suffer any of the listed conditions will require a Doctor’s declaration which is explained on the medical page. If you’re in reasonably good health you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Do any age limits exist?

For safety reasons, jumpers must be aged 16 or above. The consent of a parent or guardian will be required for those aged under 18 years old. There is technically no upper age limit – as long as you are in good enough health. Participants who are over the age of 70 or above must contact the Chief Instructor prior to booking and will require a Doctor’s declaration. Please see the medical requirement page.

Skydive St Andrews Questions

Are jump vouchers transferable?

For a small fee, we will be able to accept a name change for a jump voucher. Please bare in mind that it is essential any potential participant meets our medical requirements required for parachuting.

How long are vouchers valid for?

All vouchers are valid initially for a period of 12 months, after which they can be extended for a further 12 months for a small charge.

When do you jump?

We operate mainly at weekends and bank holidays between January through till the end of November. We may have available dates outside this period, or even occasionally during the week.

What happens if the weather’s poor on the day?

If its your first visit we still require you to turn for the initial training even if you believe the weather forecast is poor. However if you are travelling a long distance, been trained by us within the last 12 months and there is a unfavourable forecast, you can phone us at no later than 0845hrs on the day of your booking and we will advise you on the likelihood of your skydive.

What happens if I don’t show up when I’m booked to?

If you fail to turn up and you have not notified us beforehand then you will be marked as a “no show”. This is because we are losing out on a jump slot which could have been filled by someone else. You will be able to rebook to another date but we reserve the right to apply a small additional charge.

Booking Process FAQs

How secure are my payment details?

When booking online, our payments are processed through CardSave, a member of the WorldPay group – it’s free for you to use and no account is required. Your card details are never stored on our website and we don’t have access to them.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, the prices you see on our website are the prices you’ll pay. There are no booking or administration fees added on at the last minute. The only additional fees you may incur are if you fail to show up on the day when booked to do so (rebooking charge) or if transferring the voucher to someone else (name change fee).

Privacy Policy and Cookies Usage

Does this website use cookies?

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Any external cookies?

When booking online with us, CardSave will use a small cookie when redirecting you back to our website to let us know your payment has been successful. Most cookies we use are ‘session cookies’, and expire when you close your browser. You can read more on Cookies and how to control them on

Privacy Policy

Skydive St Andrews Ltd, operators of this website (, and hereon referred to as “we”, takes each visitor’s privacy extremely seriously. If you have any questions regarding your privacy which cannot be answered with the information below, please contact us and we will be happy to clarify.

Gathering identity information
We will try our utmost to ensure we do not share with any body or party any of your provided personal contact details, except when you book online using our order form where we will share with CardSave your provided name, address and email address in order to corroborate your payment with CardSave and our own system.

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Gathering statistics
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Using personally-identifying information
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Photographs, video and still images
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Changes to Privacy Policy
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