Qualified Skydivers

Minimum Qualification 

Due to local restrictions the minimum qualification to carry out solo skydives here at Skydive St Andrews is FAI/BPA B license.


We operate two aircraft, a Cessna 185 and a Cessna TU206. Both can carry 5 skydivers to 10,000ft in 25-30 minutes.


Tuition is available in many different skydiving disciplines including FS and CF coaching.

Parachute maintenance

Skydive St Andrews has an onsite BPA Parachute Rigger and Rigging facility.

Solo Student Skydiving

Due to the local restrictions mentioned before solo student parachuting does not take place here at Skydive St Andrews, however the Chief Instructor does take small groups away to other locations (both the UK and abroad) with the aim of qualifying individuals to become BPA A License Sport parachutists over a period of between 7-10 days.

The two forms of progression are:

Category System Progression Program

Accelerated Free fall Progression Program


More information can be sourced from http://www.skydivethemag.com/starter/

Any queries should be directed to the Chief Instructor.