Get sponsored to Skydive


All it takes is a bit of time and effort to fundraise. There are two options when it comes to doing a sponsored skydive:

  1. You can pay for the tandem jump yourself and then everything you raise goes to charity. There is no minimum target to be met.
  2. Most charities will allow the cost of the skydive to be covered using up to 50% of the sponsorship money, however a minimum amount of at least twice the cost of the tandem skydive should be raised.

It is important to recognise that although it seems you are skydiving for free, the tandem parachute jump is being paid for by the charity and the people supporting your cause, so you should try to raise as much as possible over the minimum target.

It is also important that you contact your chosen charity and agree the use of funds and the minimum sponsorship required with them directly

Can I choose my own charity?

Skydive St Andrews has worked with several local charities over the years with whom we already have close working relationships, however we understand that you might want to choose a charity close to your heart. You are obviously welcome to skydive for any charitable cause but you do need to agree the use of funds with them directly

By booking directly with the dropzone and not through an agency all the funds raised only go two ways – to cover the cost of your charity tandem skydive and to the charity itself.

If you are fundraising for a charity of your own choice then please note our targets are recommendations and you must contact the charity and agree the use of funds directly with them.