Have your Skydive filmed!

Show off to your friends with your own personalised short film!

Keep a record of your once in a lifetime memory with a high-quality personal film of your jump!

If you choose to to have a cameraman jump with you, you’ll get the professionally edited and personalised movie, which will be showing the highlights of your day and your jump! Included in the film will be boarding our aircraft with your instructor, the climb to altitude and the freefall jump itself!

Once your parachute has deployed, our cameraman will then race to the ground to film your landing – and the subsequent happy moment after landing when it’s tradition to shake your instructors hand (or give a kiss, for the ladies!).

The additional cost for a Camera Flyer is £100 and this is payable on the day of your skydive.

Martin doing camera

Please note: Due to availability of camera flyers and the lift capacity of our aircraft we operate a first come, first served basis.

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