About Us

Originally Skydive St Andrews  was located at Kings Barns, 5 miles to the south of St Andrews. It opened in 2000 where it became a very active parachute club at this time we offered Static Line Parachuting, Tandem Skydiving and Accelerated Freefall, which was the first and only Scottish Drop Zone to offer AFF.  However once the lease expired in 2010 Skydive St Andrews then opted to move to the more desirable and accessible location of Fife Airport.

Fife Airport

We operate two aircraft, a Cessna 185 registration G-RNRM and a Cessna 206TU registration G-OSSA. Both types can take 5 jumpers up to 10,000ft in about 25-30 minutes.  So you’ll have more than enough time to relax and take in the spectacular scenery of Perthshire and the Kingdom of Fife.

Sadly due to local restrictions we cannot offer Static Line or Accelerated Freefall here at Fife Airport.   We can though accommodate qualified parachutist’s.  Skydiving Coaches are available most weekends and they can offer coaching on various disciplines.

We have a resident Parachute Rigger and 2 Reserve Parachute Packers who maintain the equipment to a very high standard.

Finally did you know?  We do have a Parachute Display Team and are extremely fortunate that our display jumpers are highly experienced in this form of parachuting.  Most of them served in the military with the Golden Lions Freefall Team, some for many years.  So by default then we are highly competent in display parachuting.

If you need something exciting to liven up your event and you have a large enough landing area, maybe you should think about getting in touch with us.