Our Team

Iain Epi Demo Oct 2010Iain, Chief Instructor

Iain became the Chief Instructor at Skydive St Andrews in 2013. Over the past 29 years Iain has become fully qualified in all Instructional aspects of skydiving. He is a British Parachute Association Instructor Examiner, Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Category System Instructor, Display Team Leader, Parachute Rigger, Cessna 206TU Pilot, and has accumulated more than 7300 descents over his 23 yrs in the sport.

 Sandy, Chief Pilot

Photo of Sandy on its way

Sandy is the chief jump pilot and has been flying for many years. A highly competent pilot who has been with SSA since the onset. He became the director of the company in 2003 and in addition to this he is a fully-licensed aircraft engineer!  He flies both the Cessna 185 and Cessna 206TU

 Stu, Tandem Instructor


Stu started jumping in the mid 80’s and after a substantial lay off he started parachuting again in 2007.  Once he got back into the swing of things he then qualified as a Tandem Instructor in 2011.  Stu has 2100+ skydive’s, 500 of which are tandems and is a qualified Display Jumper and Skydiving Coach.

 Rab, Tandem Instructor/Category System Instructor

Rab 1

Rab has been skydiving since 2002 and has accumulated 1900 descents. A bit of a Nomad over recent years, bouncing around various Drop Zones in Scotland however in 2013 he has been more involved with Skydive St Andrews and is a welcome addition to the team.

 James, Tandem Instructor

JAmes 1

James has joined us recently and has become the Drop Zone’s resident clown, don’t let this title fool you as he has become a very competent Tandem Instructor with 1400+ descents over his 8yrs in the sport.

 Chris, Tandem Instructor


Ex Golden Lion who has also recently returned back to parachuting after 16 years.  Chris is also a Formation Skydiving Coach, Display parachutist and has 1000 + descents.

 Gordon, Tandem Instructor/Camera Flyer


This bubbly member has recently retired from the military, he previously had served in the Golden Lions Free Fall Display Team.  Gogs holds both Formation Skydiving and Canopy Formation Coaching qualifications, he also has 1200 + descents under his belt.

Lukasz, Tandem Instructor/Camera Flyer
Lukasz website 2
Lukasz joined the team in July 2014 initially as a parachute packer and has become a very competent camera flyer.  Lukasz has accumulated almost 1000 jumps in his time in the sport and has now qualified as a Tandem Instructor.

 Mark, Tandem Instructor/Camera Flyer

Mark 1

Mark helps us out mainly mid week and occasionally weekends. He has been jumping since 2005 where he’s accumulated over 3000 skydives and became both a Formation Skydiving and Freefly Coach. You’ll quite often see him sweeping the hanger and eating his mince and tatties.

Our Staff

Anna, Manifestor
Anna 2
One of the pretty face of the manifesting/reception team, our very own Anna with her two other colleagues are the unsung hero’s of the team. Spending most of their time in the office, booking the skydivers in, manifesting the aircraft loads and basically keeping the cogs of the engine turning. Anna is also a skydiver with 200+ skydives

Andy, Manifestor/Packer
Andy works in the office carrying out administration and manifesting duties and he makes an awesome cup of Coffee. Occasionally we’ll let him lose to help pack the tandem parachutes.

Laura, Manifestor
The other pretty face of the admin team, Sorry Andy however your effort of a beard… Just ain’t firing our rockets man!

Patrycja, Camera Flyer/DVD Editor/Packer
Pat 1
Patrycja joined us in 2015 as a packer however due to her editing expertise has took most of the editing on. She has recently started filming tandems as well. Patrycja has almost 500 skydives.

Briony, Camera Flyer
Briony 1

Briony joined the team in 2014 and was thrown straight in at the deep end, now with 600 jumps she has blossomed to become a competent camera flyer and has fitted well into the team.

Pete, Camera Flyer, Packer and Drop Zone Controller

Another unsung hero, Pete prepares the tandem students, packs the main parachutes, helps monitor the weather conditions, keeps the activity safe and running efficiently.  Pete is a qualified Display Parachutist and has completed a number of displays so far.

Donald, BPA Pilot Examiner
Donald has been flying for many years and flies both our Cessna 185 and Cessna TU206.

Alan, BPA Pilot

Alan has also been flying for many years and primarily flies our Cessna TU206.