Parachute Displays

Display Parachuting


Skydive St Andrews can offer Parachute Displays to various types of public and private events.   We are a British Parachute Association (BPA) regulated display team who can offer an alternative and exciting attraction to your planned event.


The team is available for displays anywhere (providing the landing area is suitable and the size of at least 5000 m2 (75m x 75m or 100 x 50m).  This can be at anytime of the year and at very competitive prices.


Our team consists of qualified skydivers who have completed at least 200 descents. Each team member is required to complete both initial and annual display training. This is to ensure that they are up to the high standard required by BPA and it also ensures that they are safe and suitable to take part in display parachuting.


Skydive St Andrews can provide up to 5 display parachutists per event and we normally use our Cessna type aircraft. Wherever possible we try to accommodate the event organiser’s requests although weather conditions and Air Traffic Control can have a direct effect on what we can offer and are able to deliver on the day.


During a display, if the conditions are favourable, the team will exit the aircraft up to a height of 7000 ft.  Some of the skydivers will free-fall at speeds of up to 120 mph and then deploy their parachutes at 3000 ft.  Other members of the team may show another discipline; namely Canopy Formations, which requires them to deploy higher and then join their parachutes together in different configurations.


The team members will then descend while carrying out various maneuvers and land in the designated parachute landing area – hopefully to rapturous applause!


Each skydiver will leave the aircraft with approximately £5,000 worth of parachute equipment on their back.  The parachutes we use may be different to each other in terms of size, colour and speed; however all are of an advanced technology design and are commonly known as ram-air canopies. These, when controlled by an experienced jumper can provide forward speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. They can also drop vertically and even travel backwards when flown by these experienced parachutists.


In addition to their square-shaped main parachutes, all team members jump with reserve parachutes, which in the unlikely event of a malfunction will still enable them to land safely in the arena.

If you are interested in booking our team for your event, or if you would just like more information, please get in touch using our contact page.


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