Tandem Jump Gift Voucher

£280.00 (£80.00 deposit option available)

Our Tandem Jump Gift Vouchers are valid for a period of 12 months. Please read our medical requirements before booking. Please note Gift Vouchers are non refundable!

Give a truly unforgettable gift!

After an introduction and short training course, the gift voucher recipient will be climbing aboard one of our aircraft with a highly-experienced professional instructor and taking to the skies above the beautiful Kingdom of Fife! Climbing to up to 10,000ft, they’ll take in the gorgeous Scottish scenery and see local landmarks including the Forth bridges and St Andrew’s Bay.

On reaching the jump altitude, they will exit the aeroplane secured to the front of an instructor and accelerate in freefall to 120mph! The adrenaline will definitely be flowing as they are in freefall for approximately 20 seconds. Afterwards, the instructor will deploy the chute and they will sail to the ground.

On descending, the choice of ride is theirs! Enjoy a gentle sail to the ground taking in the picturesque scenery or for the continued adrenaline rush experience a descent with a bit more adventure thrown in! The tandem instructor will also allow the student to take control of the chute if they wish and learn how to steer the canopy.

After all the fun, touch back down on earth and wear the grin with pride!

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Doing it for Charity?

If the recipient decides they wish to raise money for a charitable cause when receiving the voucher – not a problem! We can easily change the jump type to a charity jump free of charge and offer advice on how to fundraise.

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Any pre-sales questions?

If you have any questions about our skydives or purchasing a gift voucher with us, we will be happy to answer them! Our office can be contacted Monday – Friday on 01592 882400. Or, click below to fill out our contact form!

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