Statement on Covid-19

Although we have now reopened (as of 17th May 2021) there have been some changes to our operation which is to limit any risk of COVID infection.  If you are in a vulnerable category, we urge you to be responsible for your own safety and consider postponing until the infection reduces further.  Please note we may have to close at short notice so can you please ensure that we have an up to date email address/mobile number so you can be contacted and informed of any changes.

Some of the changes that we have implemented are as follows:

We ask that you keep any spectators to a minimum.  No non skydivers are permitted airside (beyond the barrier and fencing).

We ask you to read this document –

Download, print and complete this document which will be handed over to our staff on your arrival. (track and trace) –

One-way system is in place as described in the document above.  Social distancing is to be practiced and where this is difficult masks are to be worn.

The training sessions will be reduced in size and shortened, maintaining social distancing throughout.

Masks/buffs are to be worn in the reception building, whilst gearing up, in the aeroplane and the return to the hanger.  Jumpsuits, helmets and goggles are washed/sanitized after each person.

Hands are to be sanitised often; own gloves or surgical gloves are to be worn when wearing parachute equipment

Temperature will be taken on arrival and before boarding the aircraft.

Aircraft is sanitised each night. The grab rails, door handles and door frame before each lift.